Dining table made from reclaimed wood

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Hi! We're Only Nice Things and we're so glad you could visit!

We're a small business based in East Yorkshire. We set up in 2020 (so it wasn't all bad), and we sell reclaimed, vintage, handmade and handcrafted things that are above all Nice Things.

We don't like to waste anything at all. Some may call that Yorkshire frugality, but I'm from the North East so it can't be that. We believe we should reduce waste as much as we possibly can. We keep as much as possible out of landfill and that applies to everything - packaging, materials. If we can make something new from it - that's ideal. If we can reuse it as packaging that's OK too. 

So if you buy something from us and it comes wrapped in bubblewrap, or foam, that's because we're reusing it. It's better than throwing it away, and you may be able to use it again too!

It doesn't just apply to our shop though. Here are some projects we've completed from old or reclaimed stuff, that other people might call junk. But we like to call it treasure. 

Dining table made from reclaimed timber

Our dining table is from a base we bought 15 years ago - extended - and with a new top made from roof timbers. The chairs were my grandparents' apart from the two on the end - they were £5 from Facebook.  Oh, and that mirror? It was a loft hatch I stripped and had mirror cut for. Total cost £16.

Pantry shelves and brackets all made from reclaimed roof joists. The shelves on the left were in our previous garage. The jars are mostly from mayonnaise (we must eat a lot of mayo). The wine racks, from the charity shop. 

Wardrobe free on Facebook. We shelved it with (you guessed it) roof timbers, and its now full of supplies for the business. 

The reclaimed roof timbers! We do have a few left but not this many. We stored them for a year, but I'm so glad we have. Any offcuts too small to do anything with have been burned - we've not bought firewood for 2  1/2 years!


These are the original tiles from our house - it's a 1930s bungalow, and these have each been cleaned with an angle grinder and brick cleaner, then laid in our utility room. They're my favourite tiles, so pleased we were able to keep them. 

Finally - these paving slabs were free on Facebook too. And we have enough for a path in the lawn. 

Anyway that's what Only Nice Things is. Nice things that do good. Are you a recycler, or a chuck-it-out-and-start-again-er? We'd love to hear! 

You can get in touch at hello@onlynicethings.co.uk or @onlynicethingsshop on instagram


Rachel x

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