Sustainable home style

Sustainable home style

One of the reasons we started Only Nice Things is an effort to be as sustainable as we can. The sending of perfectly good furniture and homewares to landfill, and replacing with new pieces of poorer quality has always struck us as a terrible shame. So we wanted to try and rescue some of those old items and give them another lease of life.

The good news is that its not hard to find some amazing pieces out there (or on our website!). Generally solidly made and with many years left in them, we try and make minimal changes to bring them up to date. A good clean and a wax and polish is often all that it takes to let their beauty shine.

Another benefit is that using vintage or antique pieces in your home brings a unique look and feel that just can't be bought from the pages of a new catalogue. No one else will have quite the same combination and your home can truly reflect your individuality and the patina of age brings a warmth and personality that MDF or melamine just doesn't.


We hear from some people that they're worried about buying damaged furniture and that's one reason to buy new. Yes, there is more of a risk of damage, but when something is solidly made, it can be quite easy to repair.  We've spent years building up a workshop stocked with the right tools for the job and a range of wood, often reclaimed, that can be used to repair any damage. We never try and hide this, as it often adds extra charm, and will be pointed out in any listing.

Pick a seller you trust, with positive feedback and a track record of quality pieces, and you can't go far wrong. 


One more thing to bear in mind is that new pieces are often based on tried and tested designs. So you could just find by buying new you're getting inferior quality materials, and paying more!

Take a look at the examples below to see some of our favourite vintage pieces. We'd love to hear what you think - please do leave a comment!






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