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Lysol Brown Bottles Vintage Bottles

Lysol Brown Bottles Vintage Bottles

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This selection of Lysol Bottles these date back to the 1920's - 50's and look fantastic on a shelf grouped together or on their own. Most are stamped with either "poison not to be taken" or "not to be taken" This selection is made up of very small bottles, these would have been used for samples so making them rarer than the standard sizes.

All bottles are listed with images and differ in size. Heights are below:

A - Dotted 'Lysol' - 12cm
B - Net style "Marshall" - 12cm
C - Dotted 'Lysol' - 12cm (scratched)
D - Lines "Not to be Taken" - 11cm
E - Triangle "Lysol" - 9cm
F - Basket weave "Not to be Taken" - 9cm
G - Lines "Not to be Taken" - 10cm
H - Basket weave Marshalls - 10cm
I - Dotted "Not to be Taken" - 10cm
J - Basket weave "Not to be Taken" - 9cm
K - Dotted "Lysol" - 9cm
L - Lysol side pattern "Boots all British" - 9cm
M - Dotted "Not to be Taken" - 11cm
N - Basket weave "Not to be Taken" - 9.5cm

Each bottle will be wrapped individually and dispatched with the greatest of care.

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