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Pressed glass divided dish

Pressed glass divided dish

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A beautiful pressed glass vintage divided dish, with lovely curvy lines.

Originally this would have been used to serve nibbles, but we can think of lots of uses!
* A dish for soap and shampoo bars in the bathroom
* Serve olives with spaces for picks and pits
* By your bedside for jewellery, watch and other ephemera
* On a dressing table
* Retro snacks at your next gathering
* Crudites and dips
* Standing up on a shelf to add some colour
* Bright, Christmassy Clementines

We are so pleased to have saved this from obscurity and given it a chance at a new life!

Measures approx 18cm in diameter and 4cm in height.

We believe that buying vintage is a brilliant way to reduce our environmental impact. It's also much more stylish. Anyone can buy a new dish from a supermarket or big box store, but it takes a good eye to pick the vintage gems that will add some colour, age, interest and texture to your home.

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