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Rare Frist Edition Observer books

Rare Frist Edition Observer books

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These very early first edition observer books are in fantastic condition for the age and are becoming rarer and rarer.

These little books are classic decorative items for your home. They're the William Morris ideal; beautiful and useful. Condition of each is listed below including whether they have a dust jacket.

This is our selection of more muted/faded books a lot of these are very early versions, these make for a very interesting read.

These books have changed slightly in appearance over the years, there are subtle variations in the colours, some titles on the spines face left, some right. Also, the publishers dropped the word 'British' from the titles so if you have 'British Birds' it's effectively the same book as 'Birds', same content, same number, just different title and an earlier version.

These have been priced on either the condition or rarity of the edition.
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