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Seven Pastel Vintage Christmas Decorations

Seven Pastel Vintage Christmas Decorations

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A pretty collection of seven pastel vintage glass baubles, dating from the 1950s/1960s. These aren't a perfect set but work together beautifully. These are well loved and have been used for many Christmases with a lovely used patina. They are not perfect, but they're still stunning, even in this timeworn condition. I hope I look as good at this age!

Each bauble measures is 4.5cm across

These have been wrapped individually in acid-free unbleached tissue, nestled in wood wool and packaged in a sturdy box that you can reuse year after year.

Our packaging is single-use plastic free: anything we have bought is plastic free, including paper tape that can be recycled. However we will also re-use plastic (foam, bubble wrap etc.) if it means we can keep it out of landfill and get more use from it.

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