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Six vintage twist and stipple shaped glass baubles

Six vintage twist and stipple shaped glass baubles

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Six beautiful hand painted textured vintage glass baubles. These are early examples are in silver with banding in red, green, orange, purple and gold. These would add a whimsical touch to your tree, or make a lovely thoughtful gift. At over 60 years old, these baubles have a loved and timeworn appearance which may include colour variation or surface mottling. They are in very good condition with no notable imperfections, however please see all images for full condition.

They are approx. 6cm tall and 4cm wide.

Our packaging is single-use plastic free and all the packaging materials we buy are free from plastic and fully recyclable at home. We also re-use packaging from our own deliveries and from small businesses locally who pass this on to us. We re-use any that is in good condition, extending its life and saving it from landfill.

Vintage glass baubles are very delicate, but with the right care should give you many more years of joy. Use a soft dry cloth or soft brush only to gently remove any surface grime. Do not use anything damp or abrasive as this is likely to remove any decoration, revealing the original silvered glass underneath. If your baubles do come into contact with moisture, allow them to dry thoroughly before touching the surface.

Use the acid-free tissue supplied to rewrap your baubles before carefully storing in a box. If you can, use the original packaging or one of our brown boxes. Don’t place heavier items on top of the box. Store in a cool dry place, and avoid anywhere it gets very hot or very cold, and avoid condensation.
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