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Vintage handblown glass paperweights

Vintage handblown glass paperweights

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This selection of fantastic handblown paperweights are great to keep papers in order or just to add a bit of colour to a shelf they are all vintage and differ in sizes, colours and shapes. Each one is sold separately and will be carefully wrapped and posted.

A - Large with bubbles and yellow tint - 10cm
B - Large clear with large bubble - 11cm 
C - Large clear with green blue jellyfish - 11cm
D - Large with swirls in gold, pink, blue and white - 10cm
E - Tall droplet with lilac bubbles and clear ring - 12cm
F - Caithness fountain blue green bubble base with purple flower - 8cm 
G - Tall droplet with blue base and clear swirls  - 11cm
H - Blue bubble and base with mid layer - 7cm
I - Clear with yellow flower - 7cm
J - Clear with green leaves  - 7cm 
K - Multi colour base with large bubble and tiny bubbles to edge - 8cm
L - Clear with golf flecks on the base and white frons - 7cm
M - Purple and green flower with bubble - 7cm
N - Orange flower with blue base - 7cm
O - White and green base with bubble - 6cm
P - Caithness Mooncrystal blue/green swirl to base - 5.5cm

Due to the paperweights being made of glass and vintage some may have blemishes or marks on them but this has been reflected in the price, if you have any questions regarding the paperweight please don't hesitate to send us a message.

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