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Vintage Japanese Kokeshi doll

Vintage Japanese Kokeshi doll

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These Brilliant vintage Japanese wooden Kokeshi dolls look great either on there own or grouped, they are all vintage and do show some signs of wear which is expected with there age..

Kokeshi Dolls are thought to originate from Northern Japan in the early 19th century. They were traditionally carved to have a simple trunk with no arms or legs just a head and are hand painted. They are signed by the artist that made them. The beautiful hand painted designs give them their charm.

Dimensions & Details.

A. 46cm Tall - 13cm wide - Very large, Superb condition.
B. 47cm Tall - 14cm wide - Very large, great vintage condition
C. 46cm Tall - 12cm wide - Very large good vintage condition small hole to top of head
D. 46cm Tall - 13cm Wide - Very large  great vintage condition
E. 37cm Tall - 10cm Wide - superb vintage condition
F. 37cm Tall - 11cm Wide - great vintage condition
G. 36cm Tall - 8cm Wide - very rare hand carved, good vintage condition 
H. 30cm Tall - 9cm Wide - superb vintage condition
I. 37cm Tall - 9cm Wide - good vintage condition some marks to head
J. 37cm Tall - 9cm Wide - nice vintage condition
K. 31cm Tall - 9cm Wide - good condition interesting face
L. 24cm Tall - 7cm Wide - nice vintage condition some fading
M. 26cm Tall - 6cm Wide - original vintage condition
N. 24cm Tall - 7cm Wide - original vintage condition
O. 24cm Tall - 7cm Wide - good vintage condition
P. 24cm Tall - 7cm Wide - good vintage condition some runs to paint
Q. 25cm Tall - 5cm Wide - original vintage condition
R. 24cm Tall - 7cm Wide - original vintage condition

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